Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How the internet has ruined the job application process and created more unemployment.

I am writing this entry, completely unrelated to my business, to share a viewpoint I have on how the internet has made finding a job almost impossible. Being a an artist is rarely a high paying profession. Most of us have to find part-time or supplemental income to help pay the bills. In the past two years I have looked for jobs online and have only been called in for two interviews. I have applied for so many jobs I cannot begin to tell you how many that number may be. I usually find a listing online, send them my information and required documents via email, and then wait, and wait..and wait some more. Some of them respond with an email that simply states, "we have had an overwhelming response to this job opening and we did not get a chance to look at your  resumé." The majority of them never respond at all. Not even a 'thank you' or auto-responder. It is though the internet has removed the human interaction from the equation and made applicants players in some sort of sick game of Life. The faster you are the more likely you might get an interview.

In the past, that is pre-2000 years, I always got the first job I interviewed for. I would be called in for an interview and always got the job. Back then I didn't have a B.A. and only had an Associates. I thought that a B.A. would definitely put me in the running for a better job, one with security and higher pay. That turned out to be completely false. Since completing my B.A. in web design and graphics in 2004 I have had one interview in that field. Yes, one. That is seven years of looking for a job in my degree field. And I have looked for jobs out of state even in other countries. Personally I think I am a pretty good designer and I can do most anything people need me to do. I am a photographer, web designer, illustrator, I can edit video and audio. None of this matters. Both of my degrees have proven to be useless except for a two year illustration job before returning to college and that paid $9.00/hr.

What are some of the problems that the internet has created in finding a job?
- Hiring companies use secretaries or personal assistants to weed out possible candidates. They use their knowledge and biases to pick through the stack of candidates and toss the rest.
- They send emails for interviews instead of calling you. So if the email is returned to them, your internet has no service, or the email is delivered to the spam folder, you have no chance. You will most likely miss the opportunity to interview.
- The number of applicants has increased and many applicants never have their résumé or email even looked at.

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